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Using Facebook Live To Build A Connection

Published by liorwn at March 21, 2017

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Using Facebook Live To Build A Connection

You should always be looking toward new technology when it comes to marketing and branding your business.

You don’t want to miss out on potential customers just because you aren’t connecting with them. Making sure that the technology you use is current and popular is a good way you can reach as many customers as possible.

No matter what industry you are in, one of these new technologies is Facebook Live.

Even in the home inspection industry, you can use a platform like Facebook Live to reach new customers and drive them towards your business. Follow these steps to learn how to reach success.


What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a live-streaming video capability. Meaning that you can talk to your customers in real-time, and they can comment or react on what you are doing.

People will tune into your live feed to watch you.

By tapping the live stream icon, you can start broadcasting a video from anywhere, right with your smartphone or computer.

Any users that are following you are then given the option to tune-in to the broadcast that you are giving.

You can even set it up that notifications get sent to your followers each time you are doing a broadcast.


How to Use Facebook Live


  1. Humanize Your Business.

    Think about what content you are going to put on the air, and if it will attract the attention of potential and old customers. The nice thing about live feeds is that they draw more intention than your normal ad.

    That’s because they are done live, with no chances to edit if you make any mistakes. A lot of customers see this is an honest way to promote your brand, without all the shady techniques.


Your customers can connect with you in real-time, and all it takes is the simple touch of a button. You want to stay true to your brand, and give what is called a “brand experience”. Tell customers what your business is all about, what you do, what sales or specials you might currently have running.

Anything to humanize your business and build trust with your consumer-base. One great idea is hosting an event where you give customers a tour of your store, or give them a step-by-step look at one of your services.


  1. Host Events.

    What sounds more exciting than an event? Customers aren’t going to flock to you if all you put our are ads or uninteresting information.

    You can’t have your sales pitch ready at all times.

    Sometimes you have to actively engage the customer. A great way to do this is by hosting events.

    And the great part is that you can host the event from any convenient location–even your home!


Make sure to ask your users to invite others to the event while they are watching, so as many people as possible visit the feed. Watch what emoji your viewers are using.

This is a great way to tell how they like your content and if you are keeping them interested.

Depending on the length of the video, you can even save and share it for others to watch later, though it will no longer be live.

Make sure to market the event on all of your social media streams and on your website prior to the event, that way you can get as many viewers as possible.


  1. Answer Customer Questions.

    That’s right: a Q&A is a great way to attract the attention of potential customers as well as though just interested in the industry. Those that are considering using your services can ask you questions about what you do, what your prices are, etc.

    Others may ask you about your business specifically, or about the industry.

    If you get nervous easily, it may help to write out a list of questions you believe you might get asked beforehand, and practice saying the answers out loud.


Try not to sound too scripted, however. If customers get even a hint that you are reading from a script or practiced your answers, it could lead to questions getting out of hand. One of the best features of Live is that is allows the customers to feel like they are on the same level as a business.


  1. Offer Classes.

    In the home inspection industry, you may have people that want to know more about the industry or even just your business.

    A great way to attract new people to your services is by offering classes. Now you can do this easily and effortlessly from anywhere you’d like.


Again, it would be beneficial to have a plan ahead of time, including what you’d like to talk about and teach, and any questions that might come up during the class.

You can offer a tutorial on how to do a fix a leaking sink, you could talk about the many benefits of having a home inspection, etc.

During these classes you promote engagement from customers, which is the surest way to guarantee business.

The more your customers interact with you on social media, the more likely they are to use your business.


  1. Feature Employees and Leaders.

    A great way to get the attention of new customers is by talking more about your business or about the home inspection industry itself. If you have a business with employees, you can have a live feed where you showcase the employee of the month, and all the ways that they recently excelled.

    If something big has recently happened in the industry, you can do a short feed that talks about what’s happening and your thoughts on the matter.

    Get involved with your customers. While you should always be professional, customers also want to see the personal side of your business.


Have one of your employees introduce themselves, have them talk about the services that they specialize in.

Have them state how long they’ve been working for the company and why they like it.

If you don’t have employees, you could do a feed that shows the typical day in the life of a home inspector. Anything to get the audience engaged.


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