19 High-Converting Words to Use on Your Home Inspector Website

Published by Lior Weinstein at March 9, 2016

10 strongest sales words

Language is a funny thing.

You can say the same exact thing two different ways, but one way will persuade a customer to buy your product or service, while the other will have them wandering away.

Case in point:


Set up a phone appointment with us and we won’t charge you for the consultation.

Use our instant scheduler to set up a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts now.


See how the urgent, pointed language of the second statement makes it so much stronger?

So what words should you be using to drive more conversions into customers? Here are 19 of the strongest words in sales as well as examples of how you might use them.

  1. You

They say it’s the most powerful word in sales, because everything is all about the customer.

“You need a home inspector to avoid paying for costly repairs on your home later on.”


  1. Act Now

It implies urgency, something that won’t last long.

“Act now to take advantage of our limited-time sale!”


  1. Value

Everyone wants to get the most for their money.

“As a client, you’ll get the added value of a handwritten report after our inspection.”


  1. And–Not But

Show customers the benefit of taking action.

“With your inspection, you’ll be able to find out what’s wrong with the home before purchasing and save yourself the headache of repairs to your new home.”


  1. Should we?

An easy, low-pressure way to move a lead forward.

“Should we schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience?”


  1. Discover

Allow customers to feel like they’re playing an active role in the process.

Discover the potential problems with that home before you agree to make a purchase.”


  1. Everything Included

Nobody likes surprise expenses! Ease customer fears up front by assuring them there’s one flat price.

“Our report will have everything included like roof, basement and electrical inspection data.”


  1. Never

A powerful word to convey the benefit of your services.

Never worry about purchasing a home and ending up with thousands of dollars in repairs.”


  1. Proven

It’s one of those words people like to hear. It implies guaranteed quality.

“Our inspections are proven to be detailed and reliable, so you won’t end up with surprises.”


  1. How To

Add value by teaching potential customers how to do something.

“Learn how to get a quality inspection before purchasing a home.”


  1. Instant

We live in the age where customers demand instant gratification.

“With an inspection report, you’ll have instant knowledge of whether you should buy a home or not.”


  1. Powerful

Implies importance.

“An inspection by our company is a powerful tool in the home buying process.”


  1. Effective

“The inspection report is an effective method of negotiation with a seller over the price of the home you’re trying to buy.”


  1. Safe

Many home inspection clients are thinking about money—remind them that their family’s safety is just as important.

“We’ll make sure you’re safe in your new home by providing you with peace of mind.”


  1. Save

Saving money is one of the biggest motives for most consumers.

“In the long run, you’ll save money by getting a thorough inspection.”


  1. Bargain

A great way to compare the cost of an inspection to the potential cost of not having one.

“The inspection is a bargain compared to buying a home in need of huge repairs.”


  1. More

Shows how you stand out above the rest.

“A more detailed report than any inspector in Jefferson County.”


  1. Premium

It’s one of those words with an ambiguous meaning, but sounds shiny and great to customers.

“Our premium services mean you’ll get a thorough inspection on the home you’re thinking about buying.”


  1. No Obligation

Gives customers peace of mind knowing their money won’t be wasted.

“There’s no obligation when you consult with us on the phone about your inspection.”


Pepper these words into your sales copy for stronger, more effective writing that compels people to act.


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