Your 2016 Marketing Road Map: 12 New Ideas to Try This Year

Published by Lior Weinstein at January 19, 2016

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Does your marketing strategy need a pick-me-up? Try making one small change each month to ramp up your home inspection schedule.

We’ve compiled 12 easy tactics to try this year to reach new customers and expand your reach, both online and in your community.

January: Blog

If you don’t have a blog, start one, preferably on your own website. Provide useful content like tips for homeowners, then share your posts with friends, family members and colleagues.

Another idea you can accomplish with a blog is to take questions from actual customers (or make them up based on questions you’re frequently asked), then answer them on your blog. It’s not only an open forum to interact with your readers, but a great way to keep your site updated with fresh content, which the search engines love.

February: LinkedIn

Set up a LinkedIn account to connect with other home inspectors, realtors and other professionals in your field.

Join a few relevant LinkedIn groups, which are great place to stay up-to-date with industry trends and learn new tricks of the trade. We’re part of the Home Inspectors Forum and ASHI Home Inspectors, to name a few.

LinkedIn marketing for home inspectors

March: Email marketing

Get into the habit of sending out regular emails to your mailing list. Don’t have an email list? Focus on building one. You can start with your list of recent clients and grow from there.

Read our post on starting a home inspector newsletter here.

April: Twitter

Use Twitter to make short statements your client base will find helpful. Then, help people find them by using relevant hashtags like #homeinspection and #realestate.

Inspector Pages regularly receives new website visits and email subscriptions via the posts we share on Twitter.

Twitter marketing for home inspectors

May: Facebook

Set up a Facebook page for your home inspection business and invite your personal contacts to ‘like’ it. Then, update it each time you write a new blog post. You can also share photos from your work in the field, ponting out common home repair issues others should watch out for.

You can join Facebook groups to network with other home inspectors and share knowledge. Gary Smith’s group, Professional Home Inspector, is regularly updated with useful discussions from members.

June: Network Outside Your Niche

Attend a non-home inspection related event, like a business owner’s seminar or a chamber of commerce meeting. You don’t know who you don’t know—in other words, there are thousands of new leads out there just waiting to meet you!

Helpful hint: Exchange business cards with new acquaintances and ask if you may add them to your email newsletter.

July: Direct Mail

Believe it or not, direct mail is still a highly effective medium for bringing in new business. You can invest in a custom mailing list, like new homeowners in your area, or you can do mail marketing on the cheap by printing a few thousand fliers and spending a Saturday dropping them in local mailboxes.

You direct mail piece should be simple and eye-catching, and include a specific deal recipients can redeem, like $50 off any service.

Direct mail marketing for home inspectors

August: Vehicle Marketing

Cover your vehicle in a custom wrap that shows off your business and contact details. Your customers will get a great first impression from your professional-looking truck, and you’ll pick up new leads from people who see you out and about.

The best thing about vehicle wraps is they’re a “one and done” marketing tool: pay for the wrap one time and reap the benefits for months or years to come. Learn more about the benefits of vehicle wraps in this blog post.

September: Open Houses

Visit open houses to get to know new realtors you’re not acquainted with. It can be easy to fall back on your trusty old list of contacts, but you never know when one new introduction could spark a whole new stream of business.

Read our tips for open house marketing here.

October: Publish An Article

Write an op-ed on a timely and interesting topic and submit it to your local paper or realtor’s magazine. If it gets cold where you live, for example, you might write a set if tips to help homeowners to prepare for winter. You can do this year-round and pick up some great free publicity.

Newspaper stack

November: Update Your Website

If the last time you refreshed your website was when you had an AOL email address, it might be time for a revamp. Inspector Pages offers a number of professional, diverse templates that are easy to install and come pre-filled with the essentials, like About Us and Contact pages.

December: Refresh Your CTAs

If you’re not collecting a steady stream of leads from your website, you might want to try updating your site’s CTAs, or calls to action. These are the elements that encourage people to go from visitors to leads.

Try changing the size and position of your contact form. Play with a new color or tagline on your Contact button. Add a contact form to the sidebar on every page of your site.

Little changes go a long way to making big differences for your business. Need help implementing any of the above? Get in touch with us at

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