6 Top Productivity Tips for Boosting Your Home Inspector Blog

Published by liorwn at June 7, 2016


The key to building a successful blog lies in your ability to deliver truly great content relevant to your audience on a consistent basis that your readers can depend on. No one would expect a daily newspaper to skip an issue or two because of a “slow news day” and neither should you.

Building a loyal and engaged audience simply can’t be done by publishing mediocre content on a “hit and miss” basis. Here are a few proven blogging tips to help you get and keep your home inspector blog running on the right track.

1. Create a Written Plan.

Start by jotting down your objectives – exactly who you want to reach and what you’ll need to do to reach them. Once you have your target audience defined, create a content strategy that will deliver the type of content that your prospective readers are hungry for.

A great way to get started is by following social media conversations and other blogs that cater to your niche to see which topics are generating the most reader interest and engagement.

2. Maintain a Perpetual List of Blog Post Ideas.

You’ll never run short of ideas if you keep a running list of possible post topics and other inspirational material to help get your creative juices flowing.

Be sure to check the comments and questions posted by your readers for possible future topics.

3. Take Frequent Breaks From Writing.

Research has shown that a brief 30 second break can improve mental clarity by as much as 13 percent. Don’t wear yourself out trying to crank out a post in one sitting.

Take a brief two or three minute break every half hour or so to boost your writing productivity.

a memo is on the keyboard of a computer as a reminder: break

4. Resist the Temptation to Edit As You Write.

Take a tip from legendary author Ernest Hemingway – write while your temper and creativity are running hot, and edit after your temper and emotions have cooled.

If you try to edit while you write, you may find it difficult to get past the first couple of sentences.

5. Write Your Posts in Batches.

Once you have collected a few ideas for blog posts that you want to create, write them in a batch in a single session.

This technique will help you build momentum while relieving the stress from not having ready content available to meet your publishing schedule.

6. Set Aside Time for Interacting With Your Readers.

Think of your blog as another form of social media. A blog with a strong and engaged audience does not spring up out of a vacuum – it requires your active participation in the conversation.

The more you demonstrate how much you care about your readers and their opinions and ideas, the more loyal and engaged an audience you’ll build for your blog.

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