9 Best InspectorPages Plug-Ins

Published by liorwn at July 19, 2016

Plug Ins

A functional website has become more and more crucial in the digital age. It can be overwhelming to know exactly how to build and design your website.

WordPress plug-ins take all the hard work out of customizing your website.

They’re easy to find, install and use, and can take the overall quality of your website to new heights

These 9 InspectorPages plug-ins are a great start. Using these plug-ins, you can possess a website that drives business to you.



OptinMonster targets people who are about to leave your website. According to their website, “over 70% of visitors who abandon your website will never return.”

OptinMonster targets those people with a call to action and the option to sign-up for an e-mail list just before the visitor is about to leave.

When someone is looking at your website, they are most likely looking for a home inspector. Maybe they don’t need one for several months?

With OptinMonster you can all but guarantee that you will stay fresh in their minds in the months ahead.

Google Analytics

If it has Google tied to it, then you know it has to be good! Google Analytics can track who visits your website and where they are going while they’re on it.

This information can allow you to see how people are finding out about your website and which parts of it are engaging to potential clients, and also provides you with information to show you what parts of your website need improving.

For more information on how Google Analytics can completely change your tactics when it comes to your home inspection website you can read our whole article on the matter.


You can never take too many procautions when it comes to customer data.

Any business would suffer significantly if a hardware failure wipes out all of your consumer data, and it could take years to rebuild your data set.

That’s why BackUpBuddy is a very crucial tool for your website. It makes sure to back up all of that important information so that it can be salvaged in the worst-case scenario.

BackUpBuddy is not something you will be using everyday, every month, or even every year. However it is a safety net, it’s meant to put your mind at ease, much like a home inspector. Imagine that.


Images engage customers. Studies have shown that customers stay on webpages longer if there’s some sort of image that they can engage with. However, images can slow down your webpage and make it difficult to load.

MaxCDN allows your static images to load quicker, improving website performance and leading to a better user experience for potential customers on your website.

The quicker the images load, the sooner your audience can engage with them!

If you’re looking for images for your website you can see our article on that here.

And you can see our article on the importance of images here.



An e-mail newsletter is one of the best ways to engage people. People can go to your website once and then never come back. They could even forget your web address, not allowing them to come back even if they wanted to.

An e-mail newsletter allows you to have a constant dialogue with potential clients. MailChimp is the most popular organizer of e-mail newsletters, allowing you to add addresses and send e-mails to clients. It’s very user-friendly and intuitive for beginners.

Mailchimp combined with OptIn Monster is a great combination.

You now have a way to reach out to people who visit your website and update them on deals, specials, and other happenings with your home inspection business.

You can also send out blogs and other content that can provide the customers with a better understanding of the benefits of getting a home inspection.


Social media is incredibly crucial when it comes to engaging your audience nowadays. However, no business owner has the time to engage with their social media accounts every hour.

Buffer allows you to upload all of your social media posts for the day in one shot, and then buffer will send out your posts when time comes.

By constantly having an up to date social media account, you look active and engaged. Which is just another way you can look better than the other home inspectors in the area.


Freshbooks is a great tool for organizing your finances. With Freshbooks, you can easily send out invoices, receive payment for those invoices, and manage your overall finances.

It’s almost like having your own personal accountant on your desktop!


SEMRush allows you to get a better prospective on your competition. It’ll allow you to see how your competition ranks with certain keywords, what work and doesn’t work for them.

You can then incorporate this information in order to better target potential clients as well as formulate strategies to lead customers away from your competition.

If you’re one of 50 home inspectors in Miami, and you’re ranking lower than most, you can use SEMRush to compare your tactics to the home inspectors who are appearing higher on the google search results.

Are they using the keywords “home inspector Miami”?

Then you should be too.

And if you’re the highest ranked on google for your area you can use SEMRush to see what you’re doing that no one else is.


Coordinating with clients on a specific date and time for a home inspection that works for both parties can be very difficult.

BirchPress takes some of the pain out of setting up an appointment time. With BirchPress, you can easily add an entire booking system to your website.

That way, clients can set up a specific date and time without ever having to contact you directly!

This is both a time saving tool for you, as well as your clients, and also shows a level of professionalism that other home inspectors in your area may not have.

Using these 9 InspectorPages plug-ins, you can expand your website, and in turn your business.

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