The Benefits Of Purchasing A Mailing List

Published by liorwn at April 25, 2017


The benefits of using a mailing list

While many of the top home inspectors in most markets are extremely busy with multiple appointments scheduled most days of the week, others are waiting on their phone to ring.

If you fall into the latter group of home inspectors, you may be searching for cost-effective marketing methods that you can use to generate exceptional results.

While there are several marketing methods available for forward-thinking home inspectors to consider, buying and using a mailing list is a wonderful option that has tremendous benefits to home inspectors as well as their clients.


Why Should You Purchase a Mailing List?

You may have been looking for effective ways to reach your target audience, and direct mail and email campaigns may have immediately come to mind.

These are generally cost-effective methods for reaching your target audience in comparison to costly TV and radio ads.

However, before you can put these marketing methods to use, you must first create a mailing list.

Some home inspectors will slowly grow a marketing list over time with their own efforts, but this can take months or even years to accomplish.


Another option is to purchase a mailing list.

This provides you with immediate access to the names and contact information for those who you want to contact.

Essentially, it gives you a wonderful starting point for an effective direct mail campaign.

For example, you may purchase an entire mailing list of all homeowners in a specific county or zip code.


How to Grow Your Mailing List

While buying a mailing list is a great starting b point, you should still take steps to grow your mailing list on your own.

This is often accomplished through an opt-in or lead capture feature on your website, and you can also add names through your personal contact with your individuals over time.

Through these efforts, your list can expand over time without cost to you, and you can also keep it more updated and current.


Different Types of Mailing Lists Available

You should be aware that there are different types of mailing lists that you can use.

Many home inspectors will benefit from buying a mailing list of individual homeowners in the local area, but this is not the only option available to you.

Homeowners may be your primary target audience, but they are not the only ones who would benefit your business.


Real estate agents, for example, can also be targeted, and they may be relied on for referrals.

You can even target renters, and this is because these individuals may eventually reach a point when they are ready to buy a home.

When this happens, they will need to hire a home inspector for assistance with the process.


How to Effectively Use a Mailing List

When you purchase a mailing list, you can enjoy repeated use of it.

There may be slight changes to the list over time as individuals relocate, but generally, the list may be used for several years without the need to purchase a new list.

You can create entire campaigns focused on a specific target audience.


For example, a campaign to homeowners may be a series of emails or direct mailers that tout the benefits of knowing about the condition of the home, preparing the home to list on the market and more.

A campaign to real estate agents may explore the benefits of using a trusted and experienced home inspector, a referral program if you offer one and more.

The best use of a mailing list will take a targeted and comprehensive approach through a series of messages rather than trying to cram in a lot of information in a single message.


Different Marketing Options Available

Most mailing lists include both email addresses and mailing addresses, and this provides you with a great deal of flexibility for your marketing efforts.

Some home inspectors find that a dual approach that uses both direct mailers and emails works well.

Some will develop an email newsletter that regularly provides homeowners with maintenance and repair tips is effective.

Consider who your audience is, and look for a way to use your experience and expertise to benefit your target audience.

You want to offer true value in the pieces you send to them so that they are encouraged to read the entire message.


The Benefits of a Mailing List to Your Business

Your home inspection business can benefit substantially from the investment of a mailing list.

A mailing list is generally rather affordable to purchase. This one-time fee provides you with names and contact information that can be used for numerous marketing campaigns.

Through this investment, you may generate numerous leads and bolster sales.

When the campaigns are completed in a timely manner, you can minimize the slow times that may be common in your business activities.


How Your Customers Can Benefit From Your Use of a Mailing List

While your mailing list will inevitably benefit you, it also can and should benefit your customers.

Your customers need to know who to call when they need a home inspection as well as when to schedule a home inspection.

They also need to know seasonal concerns, repair tips, maintenance advice and more.

You have a wealth of knowledge that you can use to help your target audience while also positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

They may not all need a home inspection now, but your regular emails and direct mail can ensure that you are who they will call in the future.


Home inspectors may feel as though their marketing possibilities are limited, and this may be because the target audience rarely needs to use your services.

However, when you market to your target audience regularly, you can create name recognition and can even develop trust between you and them.

You want to be the first name they think of when they are ready to schedule a home inspection.

You can get started researching the costs and types of mailing lists available as a first step in improving your marketing efforts.


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