Calls-To-Action: Is Your Site Optimized?

Published by liorwn at August 16, 2016

Calls To Action

A call to action is the difference between someone being interested in a home inspection, and getting one one.

When it comes to creating a compelling call to action that will encourage (and we mean highly encourage) people to click on the button that enables them to request a consultation or some other service from you, you’ve got to think big.

And you’ve got to get as high a volume of responses as possible.

Creating a compelling call to action isn’t hard to do. It’s simply a matter of getting all the right elements aligned in the right order.

Once you’ve got them all together, you’ll have created a call to action that will have customers urgently lining up to request your services.

Rule One: Use Urgent, Persuasive Language (And Lots Of It)

The first thing you should know about your call to action is that it’s a call to ACTION: If you can’t convince a homeowner to click on your link to request your services, you’ve failed.

You can avoid this by creating a call to action that directly addresses the needs and concerns of your visitors and offers them a solution that is designed to meet their needs in a pleasing and compelling manner.

The first thing you need to do is drop all pretense of separation. Address your words directly to your reader (“If you are interested”, “When you need a quote”, etc.).

Make sure that your audience understands that you are speaking directly to them and that you expect them to take the actions that you recommend.

Use words like “Click here”, “Download this”, and so on. Show them exactly what they need to do and then place the opportunity directly at their fingertips.

Rule Two: Make Sure Your Call To Action Matches With Your Home Page

If you are offering a free consultation to your clients as part of your call to action, make sure that you do so in the same exact terms as you included on your home page.

Don’t offer a “free” consultation on your homepage, and then modify this to a “convenient” or “initial” consultation in your call to action.

Readers will notice the discrepancy, and will be sure to call you on it.

Another important detail is to make sure that the links you include in your call to action go directly to the pages you describe in your keywords.

For example, “Download” should lead directly to a download, not to a long and boring description of the item you want them to download.

“Click here for more info” should go directly to a cogent, quick description of the info you want to present to your readers, not to a page full of testimonials.

Rule Three: Make Sure That Customers See The Value In Your Call To Action

Your call to action should always contain clear value propositions.

By this, we mean that your call to action should alert them in a clear and urgent manner to the value of requesting a home inspection.

The reader should get a quick and clear sense of exactly why they should be contacting you to request your services.

Your call to action should be filled with action inspiring language in order to get them to contact you immediately.

You should let your readers know exactly what will happen when they click on your link.

They should know that a free consultation will lead to instant results.

They should be aware that downloading your “Home Inspection Guide” will give them the info they need to get their home in order for your visit.

Giving them a clear idea of what will happen when they click on your links is the best way to get them to do it.

You’ve got to communicate to them exactly why they should, and why this is the best possible option for them.

Urgent, time sensitive grunge rubber stamp on white background, vector illustration

Rule Four: Emphasize That Your Call To Action Is Time Sensitive

When you draft a call to action, make sure that you emphasize the fact that your appeal is time sensitive.

You need your readers to contact you now, not in a week or a month.

You want to make sure that they understand that they need your services now.

You want the readers to understand that you are busy, that your time is valuable, and that any special offer you extend to them won’t last forever.

And you will certainly want to leave your readers with the impression that the sooner they contact you, the better.

When you draft your call to action, be sure to include a few phrases such as “now”, “right now”, “immediately”, and the like.

Get them to understand that time is of the essence, for you and for them.

Include a few phrases such as, “Home values in your area may be fluctuating”, and tie this into the fact that a timely home inspection may well increase the market value of their home by so much.

The idea is to get them to want to get their home inspected and revalued as soon as humanly possible.

Rule Five: Personalize Your Call To Action To Appeal To Different Markets

Another highly effective tip is to make sure that you personalize your call to action in order to appeal to different markets, i.e., different segments of the population.

For example, while you will include a generalized call to action on your official company website, you should also include more specialized CTA’s in your various blog posts and Facebook posts.

For example, if you are including a call to action in a blog post designed for seniors to read, the language you employ there should be specific to their concerns and interests.

If you are posting on a blog that is mainly targeted to younger, professional audiences, you should modify your language accordingly.

Tailoring your individual appeals to different segments of the population is the best way to reach as many people as once.

The wider an audience your calls to action reach, the sooner you will be able to build a sustainable consumer base for your business.

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