How Can Creating A Custom Font Based Off Of Your Handwriting Change Your Inspection Business?

Published by liorwn at October 25, 2016

darcy-digitalscrapper-handwritingsampleBy using a font based off of your handwriting you’re able to bring a personal touch to almost every outreach, we can help build a connection between you, the home inspector, and the client. You will be giving it a personal touch that other inspectors do not have.

It shows that you have taken the time to care about showing your customers that you are indeed special and worthy of choosing when they are in need of an inspection.


Using Your Own Handwriting In Emails, Letters And Other Correspondence


When dealing with customers or handling business correspondence, you will be able to use your own handwriting in your emails and letters.

This will give you the ability to have all of your correspondence uniform, and others will begin to know that it is from you.

This will also give the illusion of time spent. Every letter will look like more time and care was spent on them. By making customers feel like you’ve taken extra time out of your day for them, it will add a personal value. A happy customer is a chatty customer.

By making every correspondence significant, your customer will only have positive things to say to their friends who are also in the market for a home inspector.


Use Your Own Handwriting On Business Cards Too


Business cards are boring, let’s just be honest. If you’ve seen one business card, you’ve seen a thousand. But they have a purpose, when you’re out and you run into someone and the topic of you being a home inspector comes up, you want to give them something to remember you by. You’ve made this real life connection, and you can take it a step further by giving that person a card that has your real handwriting.

You can even point this out the person, this will create a connection for that person to the business card, increasing the chances that they will remember to call you when they need an inspection.


Add Diversity To Your Marketing

Marketing is a key part to adding more people to your client base. For every major city there are dozens of home inspectors and all of them are marketing to the same people. When you’re dealing with this problem, you want to start thinking outside of the box. ANYTHING that sets you apart is a good thing, you want to be able to tell anyone what makes your marketing strategy different than everyone else’s.

Even if it’s something as simple as “I use my own handwriting on every correspondence”.


How To Use Your Own Handwriting As A Font


In order to use your own handwriting as a font, you will need a scanner and a felt tip pen or marker. You can download a template from This template is made of several lines that you can put your handwriting on before you turn it into a font. It is a good idea to write out the entire alphabet and numbers in your own way in black or blue felt tip pen.

Once this is completed, you will want to scan it at 330 dpi or 150 dpi, and it should be in the gray scale TIFF, PNG or JPG. You will then want to upload the new font to the MyScriptFont page, and name it what you wish.

Once done, you will be able to download the .tff file. Once this file is installed on your computer, you are able to use it with all your word processors, image editors and even most video editors.

The possibilities end with where your ideas do.


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