Can You Drum Up Business By Putting Your Home Inspection Logo On Clothing?

Published by liorwn at November 15, 2016

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Will Your Logo Help You Build Your Business?

One of the things that a business owner can do to set themselves apart from their competition is to create a visually appealing and easily recognizable logo. Giving yourself a brand as a home inspector can help you become more recognizable as you grow your business.

Putting that brand on your business cards, company letterhead, invoices, and advertising campaigns makes perfect sense, but what effect can branding your company clothing or other promotional materials have on building your home inspection business?

Cons Of Logos on Clothing

Clothing is not cheap, especially when customized. Even when buying for yourself, 1 shirt can cost around $30, and 4 shirts cost around $100. Add in multiple employees, and it’s not long before spending $1000. Which is a lot of marketing money that could be spent on “better” things.

The question is, are there better things?

Benefits of Logos on Clothing

The first thing about using your logo on your company clothing is that it provides an easily recognizable and more polished appearance for yourself and your employees. When you or your employees meet your clients, having branded clothing lends an air of professionalism and helps your clients feel more secure.

In the day and age of home invasions and break-ins, people are more hesitant than ever to let just anyone into their homes. Creating a logo and then using it on your clothing sends a message of security and helps your clients place more trust in you. Clients who trust you are more likely to refer you to friends and family or call you as their needs change.

Finding The Happy Medium

A lot of home inspectors don’t understand the value of having a brand. And when they finally start to it can be overwhelming. Do you order 50 shirts, do you get a car wrap, do you completely change your website? Where do you start? It’s stressful. However it can be mitigated and there are a couple of guidelines to follow.

A car wrap is a major time and money sink. And while it’s a big step in the right direction, there are smallers ones that can be taken first. It cannot be understated how much having a nice, clean, professional uniform can greatly change how the public views you, and your company.

By getting a couple of polos with your logo on them, you are telling customers and people you run into “hey, I’m a professional. I take my job seriously” which is an important thing to feel when you’re trusting the well being of your family and a large investment with someone else.

Tips and Tricks to be Successful

When designing your shirts, you want the color of the shirt to compliment your logo. If you have a white and grey logo, it would not be wise to use a white or grey shirt. However a light blue shirt would look very nice. You can use this tool provided by adobe to find complimentary colors.

When you are using your logo on a shirt, you also want to include a web address and a phone number, it’s one extra step that takes all of 40 seconds that can greatly increase the amount of leads and closings that you receive.

In Summation

Adding your logo to marketing material, and more importantly clothing, is a rather small investment, and can produce a large return on investment. By spending $100 on a couple of shirts, you realistically only need 1 closings to recoup the initial investment.

For help ordering custom clothing, you can visit custom ink, or several other sites by doing a quick google search.


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