How You Can Get Anything You Need For Your Home Inspection Business For 5 Bucks

Published by liorwn at December 6, 2016


If you’ve spent any time on the InspectorPages blog you have probably heard the word Fiverr, and it’s no lie that we’re big fans of the website. Whether we’re telling you how to get professional voice over work for radio ads or editing for videos. It’s no lie that we love Fiverr. And what’s not to love?

Starting At $5

Fiverr is an online marketplace that specializes in “gigs”. Users make posts advertising their talents, anything from graphic design to song writing. Then you can browse all the listings and purchase the perfect listing for your needs.

The best part is all the gigs start at $5.

This is normally for a basic gig, and there are upgrades to these gigs to increase the price, such as rush delivery, additional features, and revisions.


Like any good marketplace, customers are allowed to leave reviews. And in most cases are encouraged. This is great for you, as a future consumer, because you can see reports of firsthand experience with the seller.

As Fiverr is an unregulated marketplace, at least in the sense of who can post gigs on the website. Reviews are extremely important for the consumer. Be wary of posters with poor or non-existent reviews.

How Does This Relate To You?


On this blog, we’ve detailed hundreds of different marketing strategies, and a lot of them require some technical skill with graphic design, voice over, editing, copywriting, etc. While all these skills can be learned by the patient home inspector, there’s always the option to just pay someone else to do it for you.

This is normally the point where a lot of people call it quits. They can’t see how the initial investment will ever turn a profit. Some graphic designers charge upwards of $500 for a logo. That’s $500 a new home inspector just doesn’t have.

Want to set up a radio ad, but you’re terrible at writing the copy for it, or even worse, recording it? You’re looking at several hundred dollars to buy the equipment to record with, or around a $1000 to have a studio record it for you. The chance of a healthy ROI, is low, and most may never get a return on their investment.

Fiverr ads and you!


One of the most important things for a home inspector is branding. You want your company to be a recognizable figure in your community. The first step to doing so is having a logo. With a logo you can create custom clothing and other promotional merchandise, you can create a website, and business cards.

You can start to build a brand.

Click here to find the logo for you.

Voice Over

The importance in setting yourself apart from competition can never be understated, one of the easiest ways to do this is with YouTube videos, and radio ads. Between walking someone through an inspection, to just giving past and future customers house keeping tips, you can differentiate yourself from every other inspector in your area. But let’s assume you don’t have the voice for radio, or you just want a more professional sound.

Click here to find the voice over for you.


With your new InspectorPages website you’re going to need to have professionally written blurbs about you, your company, and the services you provide. It also doesn’t hurt to have professionally written copy for brochures, commercials, letters, blogs, etc. Now this is clearly something you can do on your own, but it is time consuming and it’s very easy to get writers block.

So why not let the professionals take care of it for you?

Click here to find the copywriter for you.

Video Editing

As you’re creating videos for your website and YouTube, you may find that you want to cut parts out of the video, you may want to add titles, you may want to add music, but you don’t quite know how to do so. You can obviously purchase the video editing software and teach yourself how to edit your videos, however if you’d rather have someone else edit your video, that’s a possibility as well.

Click here to find the video editor for you.

Much Much More…

Beyond all of these options there are hundreds of more services that are offered by sellers on Fiverr. Almost anything you need for your marketing efforts can be purchased there. Five dollars here, five dollars there, and the next thing you know, you have professional quality images, audio, and more….without the professional cost.


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