Home Inspector Freebie: Pre-Inspection Prep Sheet for Buyers

Published by Lior Weinstein at February 3, 2016

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What does your pre-inspection process for clients look like? If you’re like many home inspectors, the answer is simple: it doesn’t exist.

Why not go the extra mile by helping nervous prospective buyers prepare for the inspection ahead of them? Steal our free pre-inspection checklist for clients below and use it for your blog or as a handout to new customers.

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10 Pre-Home Inspection Tips for Potential Buyers

The home inspection report fulfills an important part of the buyer’s due diligence process. The report will provide details of conditions that should be prioritized for repairs and remediation. It is also a critical negotiating tool to get the best deal.

If you’re a buyer, here are 10 tips to prepare for your upcoming inspection.

1. Make sure that you are present for the home inspection schedule.
You may not have to get into the crawl spaces with the home inspector, but it helps to be on hand for real time discussions.

2. Utilities should be turned on and in good working order.
The only way to make sure that the plumbing and electrical systems work is to actually have them tested by a professional who is trained to see potential issues.

3. Ask questions.
It is to your advantage as the potential home owner to know as much as you can find out about the condition of the property. Understanding electrical loads or the workings of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system may be outside your field, so it helps to become more informed by asking an expert.

4. Discuss your expectations with the home inspector prior to the start of the job.
Home inspectors will be working from an extensive checklist of points to focus on and issues to look for based on their experience. Discuss any concerns with your home inspector and ask for a thorough examination of those areas.

5. Test the water supply.
In many cases, testing the water supply for contaminants is not part of the home inspection process. Even if it costs extra to have this test performed, it will still be worth it to determine if the the water supply is contaminated so that the problem can be resolved.

6. Test for toxic mold.
This test is not normally included in standard pre-purchase home inspection reports, but it should be. The presence of mold could indicate bigger problems and could also be a health hazard for hypersensitive individuals.

7. Hire a specialist if needed.
Some aspects may be outside the expertise of the home inspector. For instance, signs of slab problems may require inspection by a structural engineer.

8. Even new construction homes need inspection.
Even with warranties and builder assurances, new homes should still undergo inspection to determine if there are any flaws in construction and design that may impact home safety and property values.

9. Request that the home inspector test for the presence of radon gas, asbestos and lead.
These tests are not usually part of the standard home inspection. Ask the inspector to indicate the likelihood that these issues may be present in the home.

10. Treat the report seriously.
Act on the recommendations of the home inspector immediately. As the potential buyer, you can ask the seller to resolve the issues or ask for a price reduction to perform the repairs yourself.

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