Linking a custom domain name to your Inspector Pages site

Published by liorwn at February 12, 2014

These are the most up-to-date instructions on how to link your custom domain name ( with your Inspector Pages site. For these instructions, we’ll assume you’re using GoDaddy, but the same principles apply to other registrars:

1. Log into your registrar account
2. Visit ‘My Account’
3. Launch ‘Domains’
4. Click on your Web Address
5. Click ‘Manage’ under Nameservers
6. Click ‘Standard’ radio button
7. Click ‘Save’
8. Wait about 10 minutes to propagate
9. Click ‘DNS Zone File’
10. Click ‘Edit’
11. Under ‘A (host)’ click the field under ‘Points to’, change the address to
12. Click ‘Save Zone File’
13. Click ‘OK’
14. You’re done!


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