Are Professional Logos Worth The Price?

Published by liorwn at April 4, 2017


Are Professional Logos Worth The Price?

When it comes to your business, no matter what industry, logos are important. You don’t want a cheap logo that is poorly made or doesn’t properly show off your business.

Investing in a professional logo is making an investment in your business.

That’s because a logo is the header of your business, the brand if you will. It will be one of the first things that a customer sees, and the first thing they judge your company by.

While you may think that professional logos are expensive or something you can do yourself, they are well worth the price.


Stand Out From Competitors

In today’s economy, it is very unlikely that you have a one of a kind business. Being a home inspector means it can be hard to find work or get new clients.

That’s where your logo comes in. A logo is a way that people can distinguish your company from another.


Think about all the businesses you know that offer home inspection. They may all offer the same service, but they use different tactics to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

One of the easiest ways to distinguish those companies is by their logos. You will recognize the design, color, or even accompanying jingle.

Now do the same with your logo and your business. Make it memorable.


Build Initial Trust

A customer will develop an opinion or first impression of your company long before they walk in your store or use your services. The very first impression they will get is of your logo.

If your logo looks cheap, poorly made, or just doesn’t make sense, a customer may avoid your company for lack of professionalism. Your logo should convey what your business is, in this case home inspections, and present it in a memorable way.

If your logo is more professional, customers are going to think that your company is more professional too. A more professional looking company means more business for you.


If a logo is done poorly or sloppily, a customer might think those characteristics roll over into your work ethic or your business.

This is especially important with home inspections, as it is so crucial to many people. If your logo is sloppy, potential customers may think you cut corners on inspections or don’t do thorough work.


Attract New Customers

A professional logo is actually something that can attract new customers.

When it comes to a customer deciding between two different companies that both offer home inspection, they are more likely to go with the company that has a nice and professional logo, versus the one that looks like it didn’t invest much time or money.


A great, memorable logo can stick in people’s heads, and even inspire them to do business with you. Think not just about potential customers, but also potential partners.

If you want to partner up with a law firm or real estate firm to find new customers that need home inspections, they are going to want to work with companies that share their same values and goals.

Overall, the main goal is to look professional.


Keep Old Customers

Not only can a professional logo help you find new customers, it can also help you keep the customers you already have. A logo means that you are actively working on your company’s brand, and therefore your company.

A customer is more likely to stay loyal to a certain brand than stray off to the competition. Give your customers a brand they can be proud of, and they will keep coming back with all their home inspection needs, and even refer their friends!


The great thing about a nice, professional logo is that it is timeless. Keeping up with your brand doesn’t mean you want to always be changing things. In fact, with logo it’s the opposite.

You want things to remain consistent, so that customers have something to hold onto. So yeah, that professional logo may be pricey in the beginning, but you should be looking at is as a useful investment for your company.


Create Pride

As mentioned before, customers want a brand, and a logo, that they can stick behind.

They want to be proud of the services or products that they are buying, so that they can then share that pride with their friends and family on social media and online.

But the customers aren’t the only ones that can take pride in the logo.

You can, too. As a home inspector, having a professional logo means you can have pride in your business. Customers will see this, too.


Higher Perceived Value

One of the best things that you can do for your company is to build brand equity, and amazing you can do that with a professional logo. Once your brand equity has gone up, so has the value and perceived value of your company.


Again, it all comes down to how people judge your company, and this is typically on first impressions.

A nice, professional logo gives the best first impression that you could ask for. It tells the customer that you are serious about your business and it has a high quality value.


This is great for home inspection, because perceived value is a way to set prices. The higher your perceived value, the more you can charge for your home inspection services.


Build Brand Recognition

A logo is not just about your business, but about your brand. Your business is you and the home inspection services that you offer. Your brand is how customers perceive your company, both in person and on line.

The best way to build brand recognition is by controlling how the customer sees your brand and business, which can be done with a professional looking logo.


The more time a customer sees your logo, the stronger relationship they have to your business, and the better association they have with your brand.

This means when it comes time that someone needs home inspection services, they will remember that it is something your company offers. A poor logo has shown that people are less likely to associate a brand with a business.


Overall, a logo is a very important aspect of your business. It is definitely not something that you want to skimp out on. Something as simple as the logo can make our break how successful your business is.


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