What Is SEO In Layman Terms And Why Does It Matter?

Published by liorwn at May 2, 2017

The Importance of Creating Relevant Content


What Is SEO In Layman Terms And Why Does It Matter?


As a home inspector, you may have high hopes that your website would draw traffic to your website and would assist you in lead generation.

Many who create a business website expect to see instant and on-going results simply by creating a website.

In reality, the Internet is a crowded place, and your website may currently be ranked several pages back on search results when someone uses a search engine to look for a home inspector in your area.

Ideally, you want to improve this so that more customers can find your website easily with a quick Internet search.

Learning more about SEO, or search engine optimization, can assist you with reaching this goal.


How the Internet Ranks Your Website


The various search engines each use complex algorithms to rank your website. One common way they rank a website is by looking at the frequency with which keywords that were searched for by the user were used in the website.

However, search engines are savvy, and they will ding your website’s ratings on search results if you overuse the words in question.

In addition to looking for the right mix of keywords on your website, they also look for backlinks to your website that create authority, how long your website has been established, how frequently it is updated and even how relevant the other content on the website is.

As you can see, there are many factors that Internet search engines use to create rankings.


What Search Engine Optimization Is


Search engine optimization is a way to enhance your website so that it receives better rankings.

This is an organic, or unpaid, method to get ranked.

Therefore, it often takes some time for the search engines to pick up on changes you have made to your website and to adjust rankings accordingly. Patience is critical when executing an SEO campaign.

With SEO, you will use effective strategies to boost rankings, and this includes creating relevant content throughout your page, properly selecting and placing keywords in your website, using backlinks and more.


The Basics of SEO


The most basic SEO campaign will carefully select keywords to target and will place these in the website at well-spaced intervals.

The ideal density of the keywords used in your text is a question of debate. The search engines do not publish their algorithms for online marketers to use and to take advantage of, so there is some speculation about proper keyword density for your website.

A good rule of thumb is to place the chosen keywords approximately 100 words apart.

There can be some variation in this to create a natural flow to the text.

This begs the question of which keywords you should target.


How to Find the Right Keywords to Target


The selection of keywords that should be used for an SEO campaign is not a matter to take lightly. In fact, the results of your campaign are directly derived from the keywords you select.

A starting point is to brainstorm the keywords and phrases that you think your audience will use when they are searching for home inspection services.

Because your business is likely a local one, using localized SEO strategies is important. After all, if you are a home inspection in Denver, you do not need to target a national audience.


Adding geo-specific terms to the beginning or end of your keyword phrases can target a local audience.

For example, you may use phrases such as “home inspector in Denver” or “Arapahoe County property inspection” when selecting keywords.

After you have brainstormed keywords that you would like to target, it is important to use the Internet to research how heavily those words are being targeted by the competition.

The best results from SEO come when you select relevant keywords that are not heavily targeted by competitors already.


The Importance of Creating Relevant Content


While the selection and placement of your keywords is important, relevant content is also important. Search engines will scan the content throughout your page to look for related terms as well as keywords and phrases.

This means that your entire website should be properly optimized with keywords as well as with related keyword phrases.

Search engines look for websites that will be most useful and relevant when creating search engine results.

With this in mind, you can see that it is important to carefully craft all text on your website so that it is beneficial for your target audience.

Typically, if you write content with your target audience in mind rather than for the search engines, you will be able to craft suitably-relevant content.


Creating Links to Your Website


Using the keywords and phrases on your website is important, but it is also important to create backlinks to your website.

Ideally, these back links would be SEO-optimized by using the keywords and phrases you have chosen to target.

This increases your relevance and authority with the search engines. You can accomplish this in a number of ways. For example, you can create social medial posts that are optimized and that link back to your website.

You can create profiles on directories or try to get into a top 50 or top 100 list. You can also respond to questions in a forum using your website link in your signature line.

These are only a few of the many ways you can create backlinks across the Internet to drive traffic back to your website.


How Home Inspectors Can Use SEO to Grow a Business

As a home inspector, you may be wondering how this marketing strategy can be used to grow your business.

High search engine rankings increase visibility with your target audience and get your business recognized.

This draws traffic to your website and produces leads for you to follow up on.

You can also capture these leads through various opt-in campaign methods to create a mailing list.

This mailing list can then be used to directly market to your target audience repeatedly in the future.


As you can see, using SEO for your home inspection business website can provide you with tremendous results.

Some individuals are able to enhance their website using these tactics on their own.

Others may reach out to a professional online marketer for assistance with SEO.



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