How to Set Up and Read Your Twitter Analytics

Published by liorwn at June 21, 2016


Twitter is a social media platform that allows people to send messages, also called “tweets” that the world can see via a timeline. The difference is that unlike other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, your messages are limited to 140 characters.

It is also a great way to market yourself if you know how to maximize the tweets you make to reach the right audience.

For most twitter is like yelling at a wall and hoping someone is listening, there is however, a better way to communicate.

So instead of yelling aimlessly in hopes of finding leads and customers, you can use twitter analytics to gear your tweets to focus on the people you’re actually trying to reach.

What is the Tweet Activity Dashboard?

The Tweet Activity Dashboard is an analytics tool that shows users how many people have engaged with their tweets via clicks, profile views and link interaction. You can also see the number of retweets, likes and follows that each tweet receives.

This is especially helpful because it tells you who your audience is and then allows you to use this information to see how they trend over time. This also tells you if you have the wrong audience. If you’re posting tweets and they’re getting loads of likes and retweets, but the only people interacting are other inspectors of people completely out of your market, that is a pretty big indication that you need to change your tactics.

It’s nice to be popular, but you’re on twitter to generate leads.

Think of it like this, if there was 1 tweet you sent out that yielded a home inspection,  wouldn’t you want to capture that lightning in a bottle? With twitter analytics you get the next best thing. You can take that tweet, analyze it, see what made it work vs all the other tweets that aren’t working and potentially make lighting strike more than once.

How to Set-Up Your Tweet Activity Dashboard

The Tweet Activity Dashboard does not start working until you go and turn it on. It is a very simple process, and can be viewed on both your desktop and your device.

To Activate on Your Desktop:

Go to
Login with your Twitter account.
Click on Tweets.
After logging in, now you can view your dashboard.

Simferopol, Russia - March 30, 2014: Twitter service of microblogging is created in 2006. Twitter service for a public exchange of short messages from 140 symbols.

On Your Device:

Go to the Twitter App.
Tap on the tweet you want to see. This will bring up its summery.
Tap on View Tweet Activity.


Navigating the Tweet Activity Dashboard

After you log in, you will be taken to your account home page. Here you will see how many tweets you have done over a certain number of days, the total number of impressions, total number of profile visits, how many mentions, and how many followers you have gained.

You will also see your top tweet, top mention and your top media tweet. From there you can click on the “View Tweet Activity” button to see the activity for your top tweet, or you can click on “View all Tweet Activity” in order to get a list of your tweets for the range set. On your mobile device, click on the icon for Tweet activity (it looks like a graph) to see individual tweet information.

Your top tweets are very important figures to look at, know, and try to recapture, if they’re working. When looking at your top tweets, from an inspectors perspective, you should be looking less at how many people interacted with it, and more at what types of people interacted with it. At the end of the day you’re on twitter to meet new customers, and if you’re connecting to people 3000 miles away, you’re not using twitter efficiently.


Once you click on the link, you will be given a list of your tweets along with a summary of how the tweet is doing. If you would like more detail, click on the tweet to see its specific data. From there you will see the total number of impressions and engagements that the tweet has received.

This is the part that can really add value to your tweeting. Your twitter profile should already be geared towards selling. Your description should have your website, the areas you service, etc. When clicking on tweet activity you can see extra analytics that aren’t normally available, obviously you can see likes and retweets, but you can also see “details expanded” and “profile views”.

These are your most important analytics. What they show is that someone was so interested in you after that specific tweet that they wanted more information on you.

This can lead to people seeing you’re a home inspector, going to your website, and potentially reaching out.

Benefits of Using the Tweet Activity Dashboard

Knowing the type of interactions that people do with your tweets is extremely helpful, especially if you are trying to build a business or your reputation. You can use this information to interact with past and future customers, growing your word of mouth, as well as making sure that you stay fresh in someone’s mind who previously used your home inspection services. Which can be highly valuable in creating future leads.

Checking your dashboard can show you how a tweet does over time, and also lets you know the kind of topics people will click on. And more importantly what types of tweets have people interested in you enough to go to your profile. This information will also assist you in crafting future tweets that will reach the most people, and more specifically the right people.

Knowing this information will give you an edge to creating your tweets and will help you build up both your reputation as a qualified and knowledgeable home inspector, which can also lead to more leads, more word of mouth, and more inspections.


Twitter Analytics in Practice

Now that we have the basics of twitter analytics down, how can we use it? Lets say you posted 3 tweets. One linking to an article on home inspecting, one stating something along the lines of “One of the biggest mistakes new home buyers make is not checking for preexisting mold”, and one that says “Busy Friday #goodproblems”.

And let’s assume the first tweet has the most likes and retweets, however the details expanded and profile click numbers are extremely low. The second tweet had a little interaction, but the profile click number is fairly high (compared to the total engagements) and the last tweet had little to no interaction.

At first glance without incorporating twitter analytics you may think that clearly the first tweet is what you should be doing, you had a lot of interaction with that one tweet. And if you were a Kardashian that would be true. But you’re not on twitter to become famous, you’re on there to sell your services.

The tweet that is most important to you would always be the ones that gets people on your site. If hundreds of people are liking and retweeting your link to someone else’s article, and they’re not checking out your profile there is no real benefit for your business.


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