Can Snapchat help you get more inspections?

Published by liorwn at October 4, 2016


Snapchat for Home Inspectors

Today social media platforms offer a strong influence on a massive number of people and have become ideal for business advertisement. Different venues offer opportunities to gain more business and loyal consumers.

Some venues allow the customer based to be more concentrated. Others offer broader audiences. SnapChat can be a valuable platform for home inspectors to gain clients.

Snapchat is a messaging platform that has been available for download since 2011.

This messaging app has gained popularity among both teens and young adults. .The company, which is located in California, was created by created by three Stanford University students.

Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown introduced their peers at Stanford the idea as a class project .


Although most of the class had little faith in the project, eventually Bobby Murphy was enticed by the idea and wrote the code. Initially the app was named Picaboo. The app eventually grew and was modified to what you know as Snapchat today.

What makes this social media platform different from any other? Snapchat combines various forms of messaging such as pics, drawings, text, and videos.

In the age of instant gratification, being able to combine all these into a single message is ideal for the consumer. Home inspectors can easily relate on a personal level to potentials client using a single image personalized image or by creating a video.


The more entertaining the video the more memorable it will be. Snapchat allows you a one on one experience with your customer. Every situation offers a funny scenario to relay to your client. The next time you have a home inspection that offers a bizarre situation make a funny video and relay it.

To start with you need to find people who can relate to your business and follow them. This will help you gain followers.

Home inspectors can find potential clients by sending short videos to clients. Make a video of things to look for when choosing a potential new home.

Use Snapchat to help your business grow by sending quick and memorable messages.

You can have your friends and acquaintances pass these messages along to others and before you know it your followers and customer base will grow.

When sending messages on Snapchat keep it short and sweet. Send a picture of a funny scene in a home such as a duct-taped water line. Make a statement using the text feature. Unlike other messaging apps, Snapchat is timed.


Messages and videos delete themselves after ten seconds. This is why you have to grab your customers attention. If someone screenshots a message a notification will be sent to the sender.

This can also be good for those offering one time information such as promotional codes and sneak peaks.

Also, when sending Snapchats, make it your own. Show your personality and creativity.

Snapchat is an expressive and playful platform and offers a way to connect with customers and provide them with a ten second glimpse of your personality and vision for your company.

By using Snapchat to communicate with your client base you’re showing them the human side of the business. You’re also offering another way to contact you and differentiate yourself from all the other businesses.

Instead of being just another home inspector in your city, you could be the snapchat guy. Another way to spread word of mouth.


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