Are the Yellow Pages Your Best Bet as a Home Inspector?

Published by liorwn at November 29, 2016


The Yellow Pages, the business advertising section at the back of your local telephone directory, used to be the most important type of advertising for your businesses and the place to spend a significant percentage of your advertising dollar. Times have changed, but the yellow pages continue to have only a small impact on businesses or professions.

The Internet has revolutionized advertising, but not everyone has the internet or the need for the many forms of internet brand referencing and image building.


As a home inspector, it is vital to have a simple listing in the Yellow Pages, but no larger ad space is required. There are better areas to spend your advertising dollar;

While larger quarter and half page ads attract more attention for the professions, they are superfluous. It is far better to have an ad referral campaign listing your name at the top of searches for home inspectors. It is vital for anyone in the home inspection field to use AdWords to obtain new customers and keep your established base of clients and customers.


AdWords is an internet service that connects subscribers of AdWords to potential customers. While everyone knows what the internet represents when we get into the area of computer programming most internet users are in a fog. But coding and services like AdWords are a phenomenal way to gain business in the area of home inspection.

Google’s main source of income is gained by the use of AdWords. In 2012 Google earned $43.7 billion thanks to AdWords. The AdWords campaign includes local, national and even international penetration of the internet market.


More than two-thirds of online customers believe that the timing, ad quality, and the relevance of any brand’s message has a major influence in shaping a company’s perception. Whenever you are on the internet, cookies, keywords, and AdWords are offering relevant ads for your inspection.

Years ago, a pioneer in this technology, Tivo, a cable provider, compiled information on subscribers preferences for programs, actors, and directors. Whenever there was free recording space Tivo would record a program that Tivo thought the subscriber would enjoy, even though the subscriber had not asked Tivo to record the program.


For the advertiser, the home inspector, having this AdWords service actively working for the business is vitally important. Having customer search words that work for your area of expertise or geographical location represents a gold mine of opportunity.

Obviously, this new field requires a professional to handle a business’s or a professional’s AdWords campaign. It is not something the average business person can do by themselves. Get expert advice and prosper thanks to this new and revolutionary advertising technology.


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