Why Yelp Is Important To A Business, and How To Use It As A Home Inspector

Published by liorwn at October 11, 2016


Yelp Can Grow Your Business

Online marketing has changed so much over the last few years. With digital advertising and social media leading the marketing world small businesses have been able to compete with major players in the game. Leveraging social media can bring you ten times the amount of exposure as traditional marketing.

One great tool that is used when gaining mass exposure is getting listed on sites like Yelp. Yelp is a platform that gives businesses the opportunity to register their company and vital information about themselves. This platform is extremely handy when you have a brick-and-mortar business that needs more exposure.

When people use Yelp, they can write reviews of your company and the experience they had when doing business with you. The platform takes the reviews and assigns you a star rating from one to five stars. The more ratings you get, the better.


People that are on Yelp are ready to take action and spend their money. If they see a company that has little reviews and a poorly filled out profile, they will jump over to your competition in a heartbeat. Make sure your profile has all the information that a customer needs to make a buying decision with you today.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Having your hours of operation and appropriate contact information is vital. Make sure you have important details concerning common questions taken care of as well. Are you open holidays or during bad weather?

People may assume that if it’s snowing your business may be closed. And this is how many companies lose out on making profits. Stand out from the crowd and show your competition why you are the best in the industry.


Yelp can benefit your home inspector business in many ways. A home inspector business is a service based company. They provide a service to get compensated. Using Yelp for proof of satisfied service can be the best form of marketing. You will have live customers that rate your service.

They become your new brand ambassadors by you leveraging your marketing strategy with social media. You don’t have to pay actors in expensive t.v. commercials to vouch for your company anymore. Let your real satisfied customers tell their story of the amazing service they received from your business.

People make buying decisions based on referrals. If you have many positive reviews on your Yelp page, potential customers will feel more inclined to do business with you. They may see someone they personally know that has left a good comment on your Yelp page.

The defense wall that people put up is now torn down because of the positive ratings you have. With Yelp you can prove to the community you serve that you are a trusted brand that is reliable and professional.



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