Are You Underestimating The Power Of YouTube?

Published by liorwn at May 23, 2017


Are You Underestimating The Power of YouTube?


According to, Google is the most visited website in the world. The second most visited site is YouTube. Google owns YouTube, so this is clearly a powerhouse combination. Many businesses long to get their websites to the front pages of Google because that can usually equate to more profits.

If you use YouTube to its fullest potential, you’ll be able to see benefits with both YouTube and Google in the long run.


A home inspector can use YouTube to grow their business in a few ways. There are many people who are completely ignorant to the benefits of using a home inspector. A home inspector can use YouTube to educate the masses of what the industry really looks like.

A home inspector can use YouTube to explain the times a person will need home inspection services. YouTube can also serve as a platform to build a home inspector’s business.


Starting Tips


A home inspector can easily set their home inspection business apart through the use of YouTube because it eliminates the competition.

In most cities, there is a myriad of home inspectors to choose from.

However, most of them aren’t on YouTube.

When a home inspector decides to start using YouTube on a regular basis, they’ll stand out in the search engines. This also depends on whether or not they use the power of search engine optimization.

For example, a home inspector in Silver Spring, Maryland should always tag their videos with words like “home inspector Silver Spring, Maryland” and surrounding cities.

When a person who is in need of home inspector types these words into their Google search engine, the home inspector with the well-tagged YouTube videos will be one of the first options to show up on the screen.

The higher a person ranks in the search engines, the better off their business will be.

High Quality


It’s really important for any home inspector to make sure the videos they produce are high-quality and deliver valuable information. In addition to the content, it’s important to make sure the quality is of a specific standard so people will want to watch.

When it’s time to record, make sure that the subject of the video is well lit.

If possible, try to shoot with natural lighting or the use of lighting equipment for videos inside of the home. Sound is a major component of a great YouTube video.

There are tons of tech stores that sell microphones for any budget. It’s not difficult to plug in a starter microphone and get great sound.

It’s also wise to have editing software for the videos. There are a few options available for those who use PCs and there are really great options for those who have Mac computers.


If the editing sounds too time-consuming, simply hire an editor and outsource the work. It’s also a great idea to outsource the keyword research.

Sure, there are certain words like “home inspection” and the city that would make sense to include. However, there are other phrases that can really make a difference and put a home inspector in a competitive spot in the Google rankings.

In order to find out these words and phrases, a home inspector needs to either outsource or get a hold of some keyword research software.

This step is incredibly important. If it’s not completed, the entire YouTube process is pointless.


Types of Videos


Educational videos that deliver value can come in a few forms.




A home inspector could reach out to former clients for a YouTube series. In this series, the home inspector could conduct an informal interview with the past client.

This interview would explain what the process was like, how they find the home inspector and how their life was made easier through this process.

The interview could also cover aspects that people wouldn’t expect such as things that could’ve gone wrong or things that the client didn’t expect to experience.

At the end of an interview like this, a viewer should walk away understanding the past client’s experience with home inspection and why they should hire the featured home inspector.


Circumstances to Hire


Most people assume that a home inspector is only needed during the time when a person is buying a home.

However, there are other instances when a person will need a home inspector.

Another series might cover the importance of a home inspector and the variety of tasks they carry out.

One great video might be “A Day In the Life…” where the camera follows a home inspector around to see what they do on a regular basis.


How to Pass


Many homeowners will want to make sure their homes pass the home inspection process. In order to do this, there are a few criteria to consider and stay on the lookout for.

The replacement of certain items like the roof, garage door and heating units are commonly inspected. Sometimes, the problem involves rodents or bugs. If there is an issue with termites, a homeowner needs to be well aware of that before selling the home.

If there are foundational issues with the home, the home inspector will be able to sift through that. It’s all about making sure the home is in good condition. One series could easily cover the tips to pass a home inspection. To provide more value, most people want to get the most bang for their buck.

If a home inspector can share inexpensive ways or hacks to take care of certain home maintenance jobs, this can really help a lot of people and keep a lot of homes in good condition.

Once a home inspector is in the regular habit of sharing high-quality information for free, people will naturally come back to give their business.


When it comes to YouTube, consistency is truly important. The more a home inspector is consistent with video production, tagging and sharing, the more people will be able to find the business and patronize it.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to organically gain traffic and turn it into dollars. Don’t underestimate the power of YouTube!


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