The Biggest Key To Running A Successful Blog

The Biggest Key to Running a Successful Blog: Consistent Content There are many benefits to having a great blog for your business. Some local businesses don’t believe they need one because they are local, and customers are bound to find them during a search. A blog can help that homeowner or realtor pick you over … Continue reading “The Biggest Key To Running A Successful Blog”

Are You Underestimating The Power Of YouTube?

Are You Underestimating The Power of YouTube?   According to, Google is the most visited website in the world. The second most visited site is YouTube. Google owns YouTube, so this is clearly a powerhouse combination. Many businesses long to get their websites to the front pages of Google because that can usually equate … Continue reading “Are You Underestimating The Power Of YouTube?”

What Keywords Should You Focus On?

What Keywords Should You Focus On?   SEO, or search engine optimization is a critical marketing strategy that can be used to help your home inspection website rank highly with your target audience’s online search queries. This is a free, organic marketing solution that only requires your focus and effort to produce results, and with … Continue reading “What Keywords Should You Focus On?”

Marketing Yourself To Realtors

Marketing Yourself to Realtors Many established home inspectors receive a considerable amount of business through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied past clients. Some generate a few leads through their online presence each month as well. As a home inspector, you understandably want to take every step possible to generate enough leads to keep you busy on … Continue reading “Marketing Yourself To Realtors”

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