20 Blog Post Ideas for Home Inspectors

Published by liorwn at August 19, 2015

Blog post ideas for home inspectors

Writing a blog has endless benefits for your home inspection business. Not only does it give potential customers a glimpse inside your world and help build value, it also boosts your search rankings by telling Google your site is consistently updated with fresh content.

So why don’t more home inspectors write a blog? The biggest objection we get from our members is one of two things: I don’t have time to blog or I wouldn’t know what to blog about.

We’ve solved the content problem for you with 20 great ideas to get you started. As for finding the time? Put down your smartphone and get to work!

  1. Today’s Inspection

Take us through your latest inspection. Point out what you found and why it’s important.

  1. The Most Common Home Inspection Issues

Make a list of the most common problems you see on a job site and how they could be corrected.

  1. Spotlight on a Problem

Take an in-depth look at a common home inspection finding, why it’s bad and the steps needed to fix it.

  1. Commonly Missed Red Flags

What signs of problems do buyers and sellers commonly miss? How can you spot them?

  1. Spotlight on One Room

Take us through the kitchen/bathroom/attic/crawlspace and tell us what you look out for during an inspection.

  1. Horror Stories

Always have a camera ready! Your next inspection horror story will make your next great blog post.

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  1. Questions to Ask Your Prospective Home Inspector

What should customers be looking for when choosing a home inspector?

  1. What to Expect During Your Home Inspection

Many clients are nervous first time homebuyers. Take them through the process and what they can expect.

  1. What type of home inspection do I need?

Explain the different types of inspections that are available and why a prospective customer might need them.

  1. Lead Based Paint

Explain the dangers associated with lead based paint and which homes are most likely to have it.

  1. Mold

Explain how and where mold likes to grow and how to keep it at bay

  1. Termites

Tips for homeowners to ward off termites and signs they might be invading


  1. (Insert Issue Here)

You name it—take a closer look at any issue you might find during an inspection, from radon to A/C leaks.

  1. How to Inspect Your Own House

Just because someone isn’t buying a home doesn’t mean they can’t look out for issues, and you should be a resource for them.

  1. Sample Report

Take potential clients through a sample report. Show them the thorough results they’ll get when they work with you.

  1. How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

A great opportunity to explain your pricing model. Detail what goes into the price of a home inspection and the factors that may cause it to vary.

  1. How a Home Inspection Outcome Can Affect a Sale

Explain why a home inspection matters and how it can affect a pending sale.

  1. Interview With a Satisfied Customer

Do a blog post interviewing a happy customer, either via text or video.

  1. Trends in the Market

If you’ve been in your market for many years, you probably notice trends over time. Are more homes on the market? Is a certain neighborhood becoming an up-and-coming place to buy?

  1. Funny Faux Pas

Have you ever found a furry rodent family living in an attic? Maybe a plumbing problem that required you to don a gas mask? Show it off in good fun on your blog.

Do you have a home inspection blog? We’d love to link to you! Send it to us here.


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