10 Blog Ideas for Home Inspectors

Published by liorwn at February 21, 2017


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10 Blog Ideas for Home Inspectors


If you’re a home inspector looking to increase traffic on your website, a blog can really help you connect with potential clients. But what kind of posts should you write?

What do readers want to see? Here are just a few blog ideas for a home inspection business.

Not only can you use these blog ideas to get your blog started, you can also use them as a template of what your future topics should look like.


1. 10 Common Problems Found During Home Inspections


Perfect for both buyers and sellers, this post can go into detail about the most common issues found during home inspections.

For example, there might be faulty wiring with blown fuses and mismatched amperage levels, or there might be poor plumbing thanks to inadequate drains and low water pressure.

Try to make every subheading about a different room in the home. A good post will look something like this:


  • mold
  • mildew
  • water damage


  • poor insulation
  • broken shingles
  • bent gutters


2. What to Expect From Your Home Inspection Report


Most people have no idea what a home inspection report looks like, so this post can be a good way to reassure them and help them plan for the future.

If you’re creative, you can upload an actual black-and-white report for a fictional homeowner named Mr. Rogers or Ms. Mary Poppins, but you can also keep it simple by just walking your visitors through a typical report.


  • What kind of notes do you leave?
  • What kind of ideas, issues, suggestions and variables are shared?
  • What can they do with the report after receiving it?


3. Preparing For Your Home Inspection: Do’s and Don’ts


If you have any pet peeves during home inspections, now is your chance to reach the people responsible for them.

They can be as simple as “don’t leave piles of shoes in the entryway” or as involved as “spray 2-3 times and wait 4-6 weeks to ensure that the cockroaches are gone.”

You can also provide general tips for cleaning, preparing and arranging a home that’s about to be inspected.

Tell your potential clients to have their chimneys scrubbed and their smoke alarms in working order.


4. 7 Different Types of Home Inspections


From structural inspections to foreclosure inspections, there are many different ways that people in your field conduct evaluations and assessments.

Help your audience figure out which type they need. Here are a few potential topics:

  • How do inspections differ for buyers and sellers of the same property?
  • What are the “four points” of four-point inspections, and why do they matter?
  • What kind of “specialty” inspections are available for things like pools, trees and heating units?


5. The 3 Big Secrets Behind a Successful Home Inspection


While you might have dozens of things on your home inspection list, try to group them or narrow them down into three major areas of interest.

For example, “plumbing” might apply to all sinks, faucets, drains, pipes and water lines regardless of the room.

“Value” might be a catch-all term for the home’s worth and how buyers will calculate it once the property goes on the market.

The details of the big three are less important than the hook that there are only three things homeowners need to do to have a successful inspection.


6. 10 Tips For Choosing a Home Inspector


Go into detail about the things that homeowners should be looking for when searching for a professional home inspector.

What skills should the inspector have? What licenses and affiliations should be on their “about us” page? Make sure that your own company fits all of your chosen criteria.

If you want to get authoritative, you can even interview other home inspectors and frame the post as something like,

“What makes a good home inspector? We spoke to several experts to get a full report.


7. 5 Things That Will Immediately Ruin Your Home Inspection


Scary headlines often attract more clicks than positive ones, so don’t be afraid to get dramatic with your blog posts.

This particular example is about failed home inspections and what causes them, but you can also explore lawsuits, bug problems, safety concerns and general red flags that will spur your readers into action.

You can even have a regular “horror story” section that makes your readers strive not to be like those people.


8. Home Inspection Spotlight: The Basement


Create a “spotlight” post that goes into detail about your methods of inspecting a particular room. For instance, you might take your readers around a fictional basement and everything that you’ll mark or notice about it.

You could address any or all of the following:

  • Water damage on the walls
  • Foundation problems
  • Dangerous fumes
  • Ground sloping
  • Mold

If you want to create an in-depth post, you can also suggest remedies for easy and common problems. It depends on how long and thorough that you want your post to be.


9. Do Home Inspections Really Affect Property Value?


Good content will both pose and answer questions for the reader, so this kind of blog entry can really help your business.

Homeowners are always concerned about making or saving a buck! Take them through a typical home inspection and how its results can change their property value or impact their upcoming sale.

Stay vague if you want the content to be “evergreen” and eternally relevant, or get specific about prices and market trends if you’re looking to write a more specialized post.


10. Unseen Hazards: The Invisible Things Killing Your Home Inspection


Everyone can see a crack in the wall, but what about problems that aren’t so easy to spot? Maybe it’s lead-based paint that could lead to sickness among young children.

Maybe it’s carbon monoxide leaking out of an old chimney flue.

Go into detail about these silent dangers and suggest that a qualified home inspector is needed to spot them. By ending with a call to action, you’ll increase your chances of getting more business.


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