12 Places to Find Free Photos To Use for Marketing

Published by liorwn at July 12, 2016


When it comes to marketing your business the old adage “you have to spend money, to make money” normally applies.

However when it comes to photos to use in your marketing efforts, you may not have to spend a dime.

So whether you’re looking for pictures to use on your blog posts, emails or social media accounts , you’re in luck.

There are more sites than ever before that offer this service. Here’s a look at some of the best:

1. Pexels.com

Pexels is one of the best and largest directories for free images. The site collates photos from many other sites and puts their collection under one roof. If you need a wide variety of photos quickly, this site has what you need.

Just by searching for “House” on pexels, dozens of images that are suitable for advertising your inspection business pop up. For example, if you wanted to post a picture on your landing page describing some of the benefits of a Home Inspector you can post an image and speak about the feeling of security.

In practice


One of the biggest advantages of hiring a home inspector is the peace of mind that comes along with buying a home that you know is up to code. Whether you’re buying your first house, or your 30th house, having a professional make sure that it is the ideal place for you and your family is never a bad idea.

2. Picjumbo.com

One of Picjumbo’s best assets is that you don’t need to credit the photographer when you use their images. Every day, they upload and organize many new photos. You can also sign up for an email where they send you new images straight to your inbox.

This is so great for brainstorming and writer’s block. We’ve previously mentioned how important it is to update your website for google ranking purposes.

So if you’ve decided on the route of keeping a blog, it doesn’t hurt to constantly have inspiration coming your way. All it takes is a picture of rainfall to make even the newest home inspector think of about water damage. And all the ways to prevent it.

There you have a topic, and picture by simply checking your email.

3. Flickr.com

Flickr has been a popular photo option for years. Besides having a vast collection of high-resolution photos, the site allows you to share and save your photos, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Flickr also allows you to edit your pictures. They do encourage you to link your pictures to the original owner. Once you register a free account with them, you can access their photos.

When searching on Flickr you have the option to change the license on the picture, allowing you to find thousands of unlicensed photos. A quick search for home inspection while having the ‘commercial use allowed’ option chosen, brings up a plethora of free images you can use to spruce up every page on your website.

4. FreePhotosBank.com

FreePhotosBank offers high quality, easy-to-download photos. Most of their images are “abstract shots” like backgrounds, patterns, nature shots, and other pictures without people in them. FreePhotosBank doesn’t require you to open an account to use their photos.

Some of the best uses for images like this are as backgrounds, it’s very easy to take your logo, put it over an abstract background and make a nice looking twitter or facebook timeline photo.

5. Unsplash.com

Unsplash doesn’t have a huge database, but they have unique and fun images. This single column Tumblr page posts 10 high-resolution images each week. They don’t require you to register, but subscribing to Unsplash allows you to receive these images in your inbox.

6. Gratisography.com

If you’re looking great photos without image restrictions, Gratisography is a great resource. The site offers high-resolution images taken by Ryan McGuire. The site is organized simply on a single page. All you need to do is scroll down the page and pick the picture you want. The site doesn’t required you to credit the owner.

7. Sxc.hu

While this site does offer free photos, it has some restrictions on its images. However, their impressive selection of images makes the hassle worth your while. Sxc also offers a convenient search tool to make your image search simple and convenient.

8. Pixabay.com

Pixabay offers a great selection of images for your marketing needs. For your convenience, you don’t need to make any attributions to the photographer. What’s more, Pixabay allows you to copy and modify their images, even for commercial purposes.

9. GettyImages

This is one of the largest databases of free images on the internet. In a single month GettyImages uploads millions of photos. They offer a fantastic collection of images featuring a wide variety of people and activities. To use their pictures, just click on the image icon and paste the code onto your page.

10. DeviantArt

Don’t let the name scare you off, DeviantArt is the leading online community for free images. The works are available for use under Creative Commons licensing. You are permitted to use their images if you give credit to the photographer. They provide a host of high-resolution photos and art.

11. Blogphoto.tv

Blogphoto offers many free images. They have pretty loose image restrictions, only requiring that you credit the photographer. They also offer other help for your blogs and marketing including templates, and helpful articles.

12. MorgueFile.com

MorgueFile’s images are free to use in creative projects, even though they aren’t in the public domain. They offer free usage rights, but you are not allowed to claim any ownership of the image. The site recommends that you contact the photographer and provide them with a byline beneath the photo, including the photographer’s name.

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