5 Ways Vehicle Wraps Can Lead to More Inspections

Published by liorwn at June 26, 2015

What if there were a form of advertising that worked 24 hours a day, everywhere you went? And what if it were available for pennies on the dollar compared to print, radio and TV ads?

Lucky for you, such a medium exists, and it can help drive more referrals for your home inspection business.

A vehicle wrap is a thin sheet of material that clings to your truck, displaying your branding. It can be elaborate, covering your whole vehicle, or small and simple stating your name and contact info.

Whichever style you decide to use, one thing’s for certain: vehicle wraps are a proven way to boost your home inspection business in these 5 ways.

1. It’s constantly working.

Nearly every other form of advertising has limited potential for impressions. A TV commercial can be turned off. A magazine ad is gone with the turn of a page. Vehicle wraps are on display 24/7, everywhere you go, any time of day.

Your branding is always reaching new eyeballs, even when your truck is just sitting in your driveway.

Vehicle Wraps for Home Inspectors Vehicle Wraps for Home Inspectors

Copyright Frank Rotte, Certified Inspection Services, LLC

2. It says you’re a professional.

These days, many people are uneasy about unmarked vehicles showing up at their home or business.

A vehicle wrap with your company name, phone number and website says you’re a bona fide inspector who can be trusted.

3. It unites your fleet.

If you work with a team of inspectors, chances are you all have your own vehicle.

Vehicle wraps are an easy way to make sure everyone looks consistent, regardless of the vehicle they’re driving.

Vehicle Wraps for Home Inspectors Vehicle Wraps for Home Inspectors

Copyright Michael Mischke of 4Sight Inspections Inc

4. It’s cost effective.

The American Trucking Association says vehicle advertisements generate 600+ visual impressions for every mile driven. You won’t get that kind of mileage from an ad in the newspaper.

You can completely wrap one vehicle for between $500 and $1,500 or create a few simple adhesive graphics for even less. With one or two inspections, the wrap will have paid for itself.

5. It’s memorable.

Your neighbor down the street might not need a home inspection today, but six months from now that could change. Who do you think he’ll call after driving by your branded truck every day for the last six months?

Vehicle wraps promote name recognition, and you can’t put a price on that.


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