6 Necessary Online Directories

Published by liorwn at August 9, 2016


It’s no secret that increasing your presence on the internet is more crucial than ever to the long-term success of a business. One of the ways to increase your presence is by having your business listed in online directories. But which ones are worth your time? The following is a list of six online directories that are worth your time as a small business:


Everyone’s favorite search engine has been expanding into other online niches in the past few years, including the creation of their own online business directory. Since it’s connected with Google, it also has added benefits for when people search for you online or through Google Maps, such as allowing you to list contact information and hours of operation.

It also allows you to post photo thumbnails of your business that come up when your business is searched. Syncing up with Google’s directory strengthens your presence on Google in general.


When people think about Yelp, they mostly think about the reviews. However, its main function is as an online directory, and an incredibly popular one at that. People utilize Yelp for nearly everything, and they’re especially adept at using reviews to find out about services in their area.

Getting listed on Yelp not only gets you involved with one of the highest traffic directories on the internet, but also allows people to immediately see how high the quality of your work is, based on the reviews from other people in your area!


CitySearch is another directory that gives people reviews and listings of things in their general area. CitySearch shows the composite score of your reviews in the thumbnail of your business, so if you have a high score, it’ll be the first thing people notice!

CitySearch also ranks businesses by their composite score, so the higher your quality of work, the moire you’ll stand out among your peers. If you’re confident that you offer greater customer service than anybody else in your area, then CitySearch makes sure that your cream rises to the top of your industry!



The classic Yellow Pages have now adapted to the digital age! Offering free business listings, it also offers you the opportunity to provide more detail on your business, including payment options that you offer your customers and more. Yellow Pages also allows you to advertise with them, giving you a leg up on the competition in your area.

Many older clients probably have more experience with the Yellow Pages than any of the new directory listings, so when it comes to targeting homeowners, this is one solid option to go. Not to mention that YP.com has one of the easiest to remember domain names on the entire internet.

Discover Our Town

Discover Our Town has a very simple, straight-forward interface that is more palatable to older customers. Discover Our Town is no frills and straight-forward.

You can list the standard things about your business (name, address, phone number), add social media profiles from Facebook and Twitter, your business’ web page, and it even gives you the option of offering a promotional code to your customers, giving them a deal to incentivise doing business with you.

They also offer silver and gold packages that allow, among other things, highlighted listings and increased SEO options.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has the name recognition as being one of the most trusted sources in business listings for decades. A business can gain a certain level of repute merely by being associated with the Bureau and their famous business grading system. Though you do not have to be BBB accredited in order to get listed, it’s recommended.

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