Where to Find Work as a Home Inspector

Published by liorwn at January 31, 2017

How to become a home inspector


Where to Find Work as a Home Inspector


Home inspectors have the dual job of checking that properties meet building codes and finding customers to serve.

For those who are just starting out or who have hit a dry spell, it may seem as if there isn’t any business to be found.

You can find work even during the slow season with a little extra marketing.


If you want to add to that client list, consider some of these ways to find customers.


Network With Local Real Estate Agencies


Put together a few business cards and simple brochures, and then visit the local real estate agencies in your area.

If you are a bit nervous you can create a simple script to practice beforehand.

Just ask for a manager or speak with the first agent you meet.

Let them know that you are a home inspector and just wanted to introduce yourself and tell about all your services.


It’s helpful if you can say that you are running a short-term special offer or are adding on new services. This gives you more reason to reach out to local Realtors.


Community Associations


Some areas have real estate associations or business associations that are helpful for small business owners to join.

These groups have regular meetings, websites, and you may make a few connections with real estate agents or even companies that end up being potential customers.


Post Street Signs In Your Local Area


When trying to raise awareness for a geographically specific location, there is still no better method than signage. Simple street signs are easy to order or put together yourself.

They catch the eye and quickly inform passersby who you are and what you do.

People may not feel comfortable calling your company without knowing more about you, so include a website URL or profile page address on the sign.

Potential customers can do a little quick research to find out more about your services before calling to make an appointment.


You can place your signs anywhere to get attention. Some ideas for signage spots are as follows:

  • Ask existing customers if you can place a sign in their yard after the inspection.
  • Ask local businesses if you can place a sign on their property.
  • Tack paper signs or fliers on community notice boards.
  • Ask the local library or city clerk’s office if you can leave some fliers for visitors.


Create a Profile On a Business Listing Site


Many people go online to do research before committing to a product or service. When choosing a service provider, they often check business listing and review sites, like Angie’s List.

Pick one or two and set up your company profile.

You’ll want to include as much information as possible about your services. Keep keywords in mind for customers who may find your profile during a Google Search.

Some good keywords to work into your content include:

  • Home Inspector
  • Selling a Home
  • Buying a House
  • Property Inspection
  • Building Inspection
  • Commercial Property Inspector


Getting Good Reviews


Potential customers tend to look at reviews to determine whether a company is reliable and knowledgeable.

You can mention your business profile to customers after providing an inspection and ask that they leave a rating if they liked your service.

To make it easier for them to remember, consider make up a page with your profile page link and a short statement thanking the customer for their business, while repeating the request to leave any comments on the profile page.

You can include this page with your property inspection report.


Create a Website


Many businesses have a website to advertise their services and provide customers with an easy way to contact them for more information.

Websites are inexpensive to set up and maintain, especially if you just keep it to a few static pages.

Your website can include essential information, such as:

  • Your Credentials
  • Business History
  • Services
  • Prices
  • Service Area
  • Contact Information


If you can, you may want to set up a contact form for customers to fill in and request information from you.

This is a good way to encourage potential customers to reach out right away; opening their email client to write an email message is an extra step that may turn some people off.

The contact form also keeps you from having to post your email on the website, where it may be picked up by spam bots.

You can start an inspector pages 14 day free trial today.


Add-On a Few Services


Home inspectors are learning that there are other ways to bring in customers through add-on services.

Many homeowners and sellers are concerned about things like radon, carbon monoxide, asbestos, or lead in their homes.

You could offer a few a la carte services and package services that will draw in customers who want to buy, sell, renovate, or who are just concerned about their family’s health.

These services may already be a part of what you look for when you provide a standard home inspection. So, it won’t be difficult to add them to your business services list.


Home Energy Audits


Becoming a home energy auditor can be a good adjunct to your business as you are already familiar with building codes and checking for structural issues. However, this is a bit of an investment in time and money.

Certification to become an energy auditor requires some classes and a test from one of the recognized energy audit certifiers, like Building Science Tech.

You’ll also need to purchase some equipment, such as a blower door, combustion analyzer, or even an infrared camera.



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