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Free Printable Tip Sheet For Your Home Inspection Clients

Published by liorwn at September 2, 2015

Free printable

In many cases, the first time you meet a new client in person is when you show up at a property to inspect it. Do they look nervous? Of course they do! The fate of what happens next in their real estate transaction lies in your hands.

So what can you do about it? Maybe you think it’s not your problem; it’s just your job to show up and perform a thorough inspection. But maybe you’d like to go the extra mile, making a lasting impression and putting yourself one step closer to a five-star review.

We’ve created this handy printable tip sheet to give to prospective buyers before their upcoming inspection. It’ll help them know what to expect and put their mind at ease—especially first-time buyers—so the home inspection goes as smoothly as possible.

The text is below, and you’re free to borrow and use it as you please. You can also download it as a PDF for easy printing–simply right-click this link and click Save link as… then save it to the desired location on your computer.

get the printable


Thanks for choosing us to complete your upcoming home inspection. We look forward to conducting a thorough and accurate inspection of the property.

Not sure what to expect? We’ve compiled the following tips to help you prepare for inspection day.

  • Plan to be on-site for several hours.

Home inspection times vary widely depending on the size, age and features of the house, among other things. We recommend reserving several hours where you’ll be free to be at the property.

  • Your real estate agent should be there too.

A good real estate agent will be by your side during the home inspection. They’ve been through this process many times before and can help you determine if there’s anything that will have an impact on your upcoming transaction.

  • Bring a chair

Most for-sale homes are empty, and they’ll be that way during the inspection. Bring a plastic or folding chair so you don’t have to stand the whole time.

  • Review the seller’s property disclosures.

This may spark some questions you’d like to ask us. The property disclosure might contain things like past termite problems, leaks, renovations, appliance malfunctions, etc.

  • Stick close by your inspector.

Give your inspector plenty of space to do his job, but don’t go too far. He or she will likely want to point out some things to you as they move throughout the house.

  • Ask questions.

If you have questions, ask! We understand not everyone is familiar with the home inspection process, and are more than happy to explain our findings. Remember—we’re working for you.

  • Turn on the utilities.

Try the faucets, the toilets, the various light switches. Your home inspector will also check the major appliances to ensure they’re in working order (or have been disclosed otherwise).

  • Follow up.

If you do proceed with the sale, we hope you’ll follow up on any recommendations included in our report.

Thanks again for your business. We’ll see you soon!


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