Go Paperless! How to Accept Digital Signatures on Home Inspection Documents

Published by liorwn at July 22, 2015

how to accept digital signatures


You’re a home inspector, not a secretary. Keeping track of a client’s paperwork and is tedious and not something you want to waste time on. Still, having a signed contract on file is a critical part of your business.

Digital signatures are the solution. If this is your first time using them, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t start years ago.

Using digital signatures allows you to go completely paperless if you choose to. If you still like the peace of mind of having a physical document on fil for your home inspection clients, simply print out the contract once it’s signed.

There are plenty of digital signature services out there, but we’ve tried the following ones personally. They’re easy to use, work great and save you the time and hassle of using paper contracts.

Adobe Document Cloud (EchoSign)

You may know this Adobe service as EchoSign. It lets you prepare any document that needs a signature using your favorite program or your web browser.

Once you’re ready for a signature, use Document Cloud to send an alert to your client. They’ll receive an email allowing them to open the file, sign it and send it back.

We like Document Cloud’s tracking feature, which lets you know the document has been opened even if it hasn’t been signed yet, so there’s no wondering whether your contract got lost in the email abyss.


If you’re dealing with highly sensitive documents, DocuSign is a great choice. It uses bank-grade security to protect your documents in transit and while they’re being signed.

With DocuSign, upload your existing document in the format of your choice—Word doc, PDF file, etc—then use the convenient tagging tool to highlight the spots that need a signature or initial.

You can also add spaces for the client to fill in more information.

Electronic signature
With electronic signatures, there’s no need for this!


RightSignature is a nice tool for versatility; it’s built to handle not only contracts, but other documents like NDA’s, petitions and more.

We like RightSignature not just for emailing documents, but for obtaining electronic signatures in person using an iPad—a great idea to bring along with you to an inspection site or a meeting with a client. Draw up their paperwork right there on the spot for a signature.


If you’re already a fan of the Google suite of products—Docs, Drive and the Apps Marketplace—HelloSign will be a natural fit for you.

It integrates seamlessly with Gmail and works on nearly any mobile platform. Another cool HelloSign feature—it doubles as a document scanner, perfect for instantly creating electronic records of paper documents when you’re on the go.

So which electronic signature service will you choose? Our honest opinion is that for most business purposes, they’re all pretty similar.

Any of the above are a great choice for managing home inspection contracts, eliminating paper from your life and streamlining the process of acquiring client signatures.



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