Top Suggested Fiverr Gigs

Published by liorwn at March 14, 2017


Top Suggested Fiverr Gigs to Benefit Your Home Inspection Business

There are certain things you know need to be done to market your home inspection business.

Often, what’s holding you back is the time to implement them, or the skills and knowledge required to create it. For example, you have been thinking about a video series related to the home inspection process you want to upload to YouTube.

The video platform gets millions of views each day, and if you get even a small percent of those views, you’d get some traffic to your website.


Unfortunately, you don’t know how to edit a video, or you need to find someone to do a voiceover for your current video.

Fiverr is a good option for finding gigs that can help grow your business.

While you can find great gigs and workers on Fiverr, there are some gigs you should stay away from on the platform.

Not every gig is worth the money, even if it’s only 5 dollars.

You could harm your business if you purchase social media followers or backlinks for SEO. Anything that you know would cost way more than 5 dollars shouldn’t be purchased on the platform.


Logo Design

Branding for your business is essential for differentiating yourself from competitors.

A graphic artist on Fiverr won’t be able to help you build your brand, but if you’re able to competently convey your thoughts into exactly what you want, it could work out perfectly.

A logo is a very important representation for a company especially one that wants to stand out from the competition.


Before buying a gig on Fiverr, make sure you have brainstormed ideas and have in mind exactly what you want.

This should be done prior to any of the other tasks on this list since you’ll need a logo for all your marketing materials.


Voice Over or Video Transcription

If you have done your own video but need someone to do a voiceover of the text you’ve written, Fiverr gigs are a great tool for this purpose.

If you have a video already shot, you can get a transcription gig to add text.


The voice over can easily give your video credibility. Often in television news, an announcer will talk over a bit of footage to discuss what’s being seen.

Professionals have used voice overs to explain a video or add legitimacy to a bit of footage for many years. It’s great for tutorials and other marketing materials too.


When you add transcription to a video, you’re giving the clip a chance to be seen by more people on YouTube.

The description is vital in terms of SEO and without the right text, it might be skipped in the search. Video from YouTube ranks well above other types of content too.


Video Editing

If you’ve never edited a video, there’s no sense in learning this skill unless you have plenty of time on your hands and the money to get the right software. Instead, you can buy a Fiverr gig and let someone else do the work.


As mentioned previously, you should always be able to tell the person exactly what you need.

Never buy a gig if you don’t know how to ask for the work.

For example, if you want the video to fade between scenes.

Tell the person exactly where that fade should happen and how long you’d like it to be.


Social Media Banner

While it might take you hours and a lot of frustration to create a banner for Facebook or Twitter, a person on Fiverr can easily create one quickly and efficiently.

They know the right size to use on each platform as well as the fact that vectors are needed if the image will be resized at all.

This is all knowledge you’d have to spend hours learning before you can create your own banner.

Social media banners should be done once you have your logo and a set idea of what you’d like on the banner.


This kind of branding will bring uniformity to your social media channels, which gives you an air of professionalism that’s vital for a person in the home inspection industry.

You need your clients to trust you, and when they see that professionalism, they’re more apt to call you.



While you don’t want a person to submit your links or press releases to other sites randomly, you can get a Fiverr gig to create a press release for you.

When hiring on Fiverr, you have to be wary of scams that make promises they can’t keep like placing your press release on important sites.

The person will often provide a link from a spammy type of site, which can hurt your rankings with Google.

With a press release or other type of writing, you can see exactly what’s written and control where it’s placed.


A press release is great to send to your local newspaper as well as placing it in trade magazines or with real estate agents in the area.

You shouldn’t have to do too much editing to the finished product if you’ve screened and hired someone with high rankings.


Infographic Creation

This type of content is incredibly valuable since it’s so shareable on social media.

People love to share informative, fun infographics that give them information they didn’t have previously.

These are also perfect for sharing with real estate agents who can share them with clients.


Know exactly what you want before placing your money down for a gig.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with a graphic, press release or video that doesn’t suit your needs. Instead of being smart with your money, you’ll have wasted it.

With many of these techniques, you will be able to market your home inspection business and get more customers.


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