What Keywords Should You Focus On?

Published by liorwn at May 16, 2017


What Keywords Should You Focus On?


SEO, or search engine optimization is a critical marketing strategy that can be used to help your home inspection website rank highly with your target audience’s online search queries. This is a free, organic marketing solution that only requires your focus and effort to produce results, and with this in mind, it is a cost-effective solution for you to pursue to generate leads.

A critical aspect associated with developing a great SEO campaign for your home inspection business relates to the selection of keywords used in your campaign. By learning how how to select the right keywords and phrases to focus your efforts on, you can begin employing SEO strategies effectively.


Understanding the Benefits of SEO Keywords


Search engine optimization is a popular marketing buzzword, and you may be somewhat familiar with the concept. However, you may not understand the full power of your selection of SEO keywords.

The keywords that you focus on are the keywords that your target audience will use to locate your business.

When your website ranks highly in a search query, the searcher will generally view you as a leader in that specific area. This gives you clout and credibility in many cases, making it easy to generate and convert leads.

There are numerous combinations of SEO keywords and phrases that you can target, and this gives you the incredible flexibility to test out results from different words and to refine your efforts to generate the best results possible.


Focusing on Localized Keyword Phrases


As a first step in selecting your keyword phrases for an SEO campaign, it is important to understand the benefits of localized SEO for a home inspection business.

The Internet reaches to all corners of the world, and online marketing efforts therefore have the ability to reach to distant places as well.

Your business as a home inspector, on the other hand, is likely very localized. When you choose broad or generic keyword phrases, such as “home inspection,” you are competing with home inspectors in countless markets worldwide for rankings.

Your target audience may have a hard time finding your business in their own search efforts as a result.

More than that, many users of search engines understand that their own search for “home inspection” will likely not yield local results, and most are aware of the need to use localized keyword searches.

With this in mind, your audience is likely to use “home inspection” followed by a geo-specific term, such as a city name, a neighborhood name, a county or something else. When you also use these geo-specific keywords in your marketing efforts, you are boosting your ability to be highly ranked with these terms.

As an additional benefit, keep in mind that the competition for localized keywords and phrases is significantly lower than a broad or generic keyword phrase.


Selecting Keywords Based on Your Available Services


While it is important for localized business, such as your home inspection business, to use geo-specific keyword phrases, it is also important to branch out and look at keyword phrases that extend beyond variations of “home inspection.” One effective idea is to focus on the services that you offer.

For example, in addition to focusing on home inspection, you may also focus on roof inspection, foundation inspection, indoor air quality test and more.

Furthermore, you do not necessarily need to optimize your entire website for every keyword phrase that you select.

You may have a specific page focused on roof inspections, and this page can be fully optimized with relevant phrases in mind. While search engines rank websites based on their usage of specific keywords and phrases, they also rank websites based on the relevance of content.

With this in mind, developing more text related to each service that you do and optimizing this text can help you to enjoy greater benefits from SEO efforts.


Ensuring Competition for Specific Keywords Is Not Significant


Before you finalize your plans to use specific keywords and phrases, you may consider researching the competition for these phrases.

Some of the top search engines offer great search engine optimization resource tools that can tell you how frequently words and phrases are used in search queries as well as the top results for these words.

By focusing on phrases that are less frequently competed for and yet that are heavily searched, you can enhance your SEO results.


Analyzing Results to Make Adjustments to Keyword Usage


For most website owners, initial SEO efforts will not produce the most effective results. SEO strategies can be developed through your research and understanding in this process, but they often need to be fine-tuned for the best results.

You generally need to allow a few weeks or more for your initial efforts to be picked up by search engines and to see a result from the efforts through directed traffic to your website.

Reviewing analytics after a few weeks can tell you which keywords and phrases you may want to tweak for improved results.


Understanding Where to Place Keywords


Your placement of keywords and phrases is almost as important as the selection of the words themselves.

For example, if you over-use the phrases in your text, the search engines may think that you are stuffing your content with keywords for rankings, and they will actually penalize your website as a result. The last thing you want is for your SEO efforts to backfire.

Keywords generally need to be spaced out approximately 100 to 200 words apart, but you can use related keywords and phrases in the text as well without penalty.

You can also use keywords and phrases in backlinks, headers, meta descriptions and more for enhanced results.


Search engine optimization is an exceptional strategy that you can use to take your online marketing to the next level.

It can boost search engine rankings to generate more leads through your website.

While many home inspectors are able to generate great results through their own efforts, others may need specialized assistance from an SEO marketing expert.


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