9 Client Gifts that Don’t Suck

Published by liorwn at December 7, 2015

9 client gifts

‘Tis the season… for generic gift baskets. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with a cheese platter or popcorn tin, there’s definitely nothing memorable about them, either.

One year, a client of ours remembered that the whole office had loved her homemade salsa at an event earlier in the year. She sent jars of the stuff—on ice—to every person in our office. Now that’s a holiday gift to remember.

Need some inspiration to close out the calendar year? Here are 9 gifts perfect for home inspectors that will wow realtors and clients alike.

1. Flashlight

You never have one when you need one (well, you probably do, but the rest of us…). Show clients the light with a high-quality flashlight and a clever message, like ‘Wishing you a merry and bright holiday season.’ Throw in extra batteries for bonus points.

2. Local Coffee

Your realtor contacts will love you for this one. Visit your local gourmet coffee shop and pick up a bag of their best beans. Instead of a gift bag, put the java inside an inexpensive French press and presto—a gift that will really get them going.

garlic grater

3. Garlic Grater and Oil Dish

I received one of these as a gift and can’t count how many times it’s come in handy in the kitchen. It’s one of those things you’d never think to buy for yourself, but you use again and again once you have it. Perfect to help recent clients break in a brand new kitchen.

4. Local Outing

Instead of a physical gift, give tickets to a baseball game, a round of golf or an hour massage. It’s an extra special way to say thank you to your very best sources of business.


5. Custom Cookies

Everyone knows the best part of Chinese takeout is the fortune cookie at the end. Send clients an inspiring, funny or heartfelt message of well wishes for the year ahead with a custom fortune cookie. They’re inexpensive to order online, and clients will love the midday snack—complete with your business name inside.


6. Light Reading

Often excerpted in magazines like Reader’s Digest, 100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know offers useful, basic tips on everything from warding off ant invasions to growing the best lawn on the block. Have a favorite handyman read of your own that you’d rather give? Have at it.

7. Holiday Cheer(s)

If your colleagues are the cocktail-loving kind, gift them the ingredients for your favorite happy hour indulgence. For example, a fifth of bourbon, a bottle of bitters, a sack of sugar cubes and a jar of maraschino cherries to whip up the perfect Old Fashioned.

Christmas homemade gingerbread house cookie on wooden table

8. Gingerbread House

This holiday classic becomes uber-relevant for the real estate crowd. Add a clever customization with a fondant sign that reads ‘Inspected by [Your Name Here]’ (most bakeries can tackle the custom request).

9. Personalized Present

If you really want to impress, go the route of our salsa-gifting friend and come up with something your colleague or client will love on a personal level.

Work with a realtor who teaches yoga? Gift a new mat or water bottle. Have a client who mentioned a passion for cooking? Spring for a cookbook or local cooking class. While you don’t need to use this level of personalization for every client, it’s a wonderful way to leave a lasting impression on those you want a lasting relationship with.

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